Althea and Angela: A Perfect Match

On Sunday 1st December Irenie and I will be having lunch at the Queen’s Club with Angela Buxton. Angela has been in limelight recently because of a new documentary about her life in tennis.

In the 1950’s she partnered Althea Gibson to win both the French and Wimbledon Doubles Championship.  Althea was the first African American to win both the Wimbledon and US Singles titles.  When Althea partnered Angela, who is Jewish, they both had to overcome obstacles based on colour and religion.

The new documentary, Althea and Angela: A Perfect Match, tells their story and their victory on Centre Court was a breakthrough in a game when the prejudice of the era had made them outcasts.

Angela states “my legacy is definitely anti-racism because I was playing with a black player whom the audience did not really want to see”.  

“They were teaching the world to do the right thing” is the endorsement from Billie Jean King.

Last September, during the US Open, atmospheric black and white footage of Angela and Althea was screened in the prime location of New York’s Times Square.  These two trailblazing ladies are finally being recognised for changing the course of women’s tennis.


November 27, 2013 by Robert Fuller
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